I don’t remember the exact moment when I first discovered ASMR. When I was very  young, I used to listen to the same cassette tape before I went to sleep every night. It was all in Spanish, and I didn’t understand much, but I had favorite parts that I particularly liked to hear because it caused a tingly sensation right behind my ears.

bob ross

Long before ASMR was even a known term, I used to watch Bob Ross paint his happy little trees and clouds on PBS. I was never a painter, but I loved hearing his relaxing voice talk about painting. I never thought too much about it. Sometimes, I’d get voice mails for appointment reminders that I’d save and listen to several times because I’d get tingles or feel like I was entranced for the duration of the recording.

Then, around 2008, I discovered Lita’s massage videos on YouTube, and I would listen to them over and over, relishing every tingly moment, wishing they were longer.  I would desperately search YouTube for similar videos searching for terms like “relaxing voice” or “massage relaxation.” I started seeing lots of “Whisper” videos. I don’t remember names or channels. At the time, I used to just find a video, play it, and close my eyes. I never thought to pay attention to a name or video title.

One of my favorite Lita videos <3

I quickly realized that I loved listening to accents, so I started searching for different accents. Somewhere in my searching for various accents and whispers and relaxation, I came across the term “ASMR.” I discovered that there were many different things that could cause the tingly sensation or that sense of almost trance-like relaxation. They were called “triggers.” Since then, I have gotten my tingle fix from many different types of ASMR videos.

Oftentimes, I even watched non-ASMR videos for tingles, things like makeup tutorials, product reviews, and gameplay videos. I enjoyed the gameplay videos the most because I enjoy gaming, but it was rare to find a gaming channel that didn’t have a loud, boisterous narrator or too many gaming sounds in the background. When I searched for ASMR gaming videos, I didn’t find a lot for many of my favorite games, so I decided to start contributing my own content.

So, now, here I am ^_^