Streets of Rage – Sega Genesis

Streets of Rage for Sega Genesis

Streets of Rage Game CoverI’ve always been a fan of side scrolling “beat’em up” games, and the Streets of Rage series was one of my favorites.  It was okay to play by yourself, though I rarely finished it on my own after the first complete playthrough.  The real fun happened when you had a second player.


I have the most memories from the times I was able to get one of my brothers to play with me.  At first, getting them to play was easy.  It was a relatively new game where we got to punch, kick, and even suplex enemies while talking all sorts of trash to them.  And then there were the baseball bats >:}  Fun times!  But after a few times beating it, I had to resort to persuasive methods to get my brothers to want to play it.

Streets of Rage Level 7

I’d tell them that Mr. X (the final boss) was talking maaaaad trash and HAD to be stopped!  It usually worked, but eventually failed after a few times of getting thrown off the elevator by enemies in level 7.  If you managed to not get thrown off in level 7, there were the random dining carts that got thrown at you by enemies on level 8.  Basically, the closer we got to the boss, the more chances there were to get frustrated.  I remember rage-quitting once right before the final boss fight because the ninja girls kept kicking me and I couldn’t hit them back.





Also, I usually played with Blaze.  I liked being able to kick people while back flipping.  Who doesn’t, right?

Streets of Rage Trigger Question

*For  those that don’t know, trigger questions are meant to trigger memories and possible discussion for the game nostalgia posts.*


Did you ever play Streets of Rage?  If so, which character did you usually play with?  If not, do you have any memories of the game at all?


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