Currently, I am saving money for a specialized rehabilitation program for my knee injury.  It feels like part of my soul is dying by not being able to practice Jiu Jitsu, so a properly rehabilitated knee is a necessity for me.  I also have about $80 a month going out to pay for things like website hosting, Adobe software, and game subscriptions.  I have intentionally avoided placing those annoying skippable ads on my videos because I know it ruins the ASMR experience, so instead, I have set up 3 other options for support.

Option 1: Amazon Affiliate Program

The first is through the Amazon affiliate program.   Anything you purchase from Amazon through this link will generate a small commission for me.  You can actually help me out without spending anything beyond what you would normally spend on Amazon.  Or, if you’re interested in replicating my setup, you can check out my equipment page which shows the current equipment I use.

Option 2: Ko-Fi Program

The second option is to buy me a coffee ^_^ Coffee is awesome! (Technically, this goes through Paypal anyway, but I think it’s a cute idea.)
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Option 3: Paypal Donations

Donations are not necessary, but are GREATLY appreciated!

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