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Gaming ASMR for Halloween

Why make a list of top Halloween gaming ASMR videos? Well, Halloween is awesome. Gaming is awesome. ASMR is awesome. What could be awesomer more awesome?!  Halloween gaming ASMR, of course! In my Youtube explorations, I have come across several excellent examples of the awesomeness of Halloween gaming ASMR which I want to share with like-minded listeners of ASMR videos.  Below (in no particular order), I have assembled a collection of the spookiest, tingle-worthy gaming videos I could find.  Prepare to tingle and dream of candy and zombies and all things Halloween!

If, for some reason, you came here by mistake and Halloween isn’t your cup of tea, you can check out my list of top World of Warcraft ASMR videos here instead.

ASMR Gaming Whisper: Wandering in Skyrim – Halloween 2015!

Even though the focus is usually on audio when it comes to ASMR, this video has extraordinary visuals, especially for Halloween gaming. It’s truly a pleasure to watch AND listen to. TheASMRnerd gives us a slow, relaxing whisper while meandering through Whiterun in Skyrim. It includes background noises such as water and insects, but at the perfect volume so that it doesn’t interfere with the spooky whispering. If ghost stories are your thing, there is a whisper reading of a story from the game as well.

TheASMRnerd has many gaming videos on his channel, including other Halloween gaming videos, but this one is my personal favorite.


ASMR Gaming News Collab | Overwatch Halloween Hollywood Tour

This video is actually a collaboration.  The video itself is done by ASMR Gaming News and hosted on a small channel called Kimmy Love – ASMR Gaming & More!  I have just recently discovered the hosting channel, so I’m not super familiar with the content, but it looks to have a quality collection of other gaming videos.

ASMR Gaming News always delivers great gaming ASMR.  He has a very comprehensive collection of videos that are a pleasure to watch, but this video is special, not only because of the Halloween scenery from Overwatch, but the controller sounds are absolutely divine. Controller sounds aren’t usually a trigger for me, but these definitely kick-start the tingling.


ASMR Whispered Gaming: Resident Evil Remake Part 1

Deluca ASMR doesn’t usually do gaming ASMR videos, but he has made an awesome Halloween gaming ASMR video here.  He has an excellent whisper voice with a great accent, and for those of you that enjoy the more gruesome side of spooky, I think you will enjoy this video. It showcases some Resident Evil gameplay, tingly whispering, and very soft controller sounds. You can hear a little bit of game dialogue/sound effects in the background, but it blends well and is not overwhelming. The visuals are markedly creepy and are amplified by the eerie sound effects.


ASMR Games | The Sims 4 Halloween Characters pt.1 (Whispering: English)

One of the best things about Halloween night is looking at all the costumes.  Now you can look at costumes and listen to ASMR at the same time! This is the only gaming video on Lili ASMR’s channel, but it is a very relaxing character creation video for The Sims 4 with Halloween theme, of course! If you like pleasant accents and whispering voices, you’ll probably enjoy this video. It is pure whispering with no other triggers. It is an excellent addition to any Halloween gaming ASMR list.

There is also a part 2 of this video.


Let’s Play – SKyrim #13 – Halloween Special!

This is another Skyrim Halloween gaming video, but it has a very different style from the first one listed here. ASMR Casual has a great whisper voice and a variety of videos with several Let’s Play style videos. This Halloween gaming video is no exception.  It’s mostly whispering  with a few clicking sounds, but there seem to be some unintentional mouth sounds which are extra tingly. Enjoy the creepy side of Skyrim in this whispering, gameplay video.


ASMR Halloween Special | League of Legends | Fiddlesticks Hexakill Twisted Treeline

Finding that perfect blend of whispering with mouth sounds that aren’t too overwhelming can sometimes be a challenge, but WhisperfyASMR manages to do it perfectly. He has an excellent collection of gaming ASMR videos, including some League of Legends videos such as this one. This video includes some excellent whispering combined with some of the LoL game sounds in the background. It’s not as obviously Halloween themed as some of the other videos on this list, but the Twisted Treeline map, the eerie background music, and Fiddlesticks’s Spectral skin definitely create a spooky vibe. Plus, it’s super tingly!

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did. My most recent Halloween gaming ASMR video is posted below, but I don’t include it in the list since it is nigh impossible for me to get ASMR from my own videos.  I could not find any ASMR videos of the Hallow’s End event in World of Warcraft, so I made one myself.  Enjoy! ^_^

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