Top Heroes of the Storm ASMR Videos

Heroes of the Storm ASMR videos

Heroes of the Storm ASMR has become my most recent addiction because the game itself has started to get its hooks into me.  When I started searching for videos, I noticed there weren’t that many compared to other popular games, so I decided to write this post to provide a list of some of the best Heroes of the Storm ASMR I could find.  Let the tingles begin! ^_^

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If you’d rather be watching World of Warcraft ASMR videos, you can check out some of my favorite World of Warcraft ASMR videos here.

Heroes of the Storm ASMR Videos

Mikes Mind

Mikes Mind is a very small channel with only a few videos, but it is worth a visit.  His Heroes of the Storm ASMR videos are a pure tingle-fest for me.  This video in particular had me in a tingle trance because of the slight, natural mouth sounds that come along with the whispering.

There is also some spam clicking for those that like mouse clicking.

Luminin – ASMR Let’s Plays

This channel is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of Let’s Play ASMR videos! Luminin has an awesome whisper voice and a varied selection of gaming ASMR to choose from, many of which showcase some Heroes of the Storm gameplay.

While this particular video doesn’t quite make the 30 minute mark, he has several other videos that are extremely long, some as long as 5 hours.  It’s an excellent resource for those that require ASMR that lasts for several hours.


IKhanWhisper provides some excellent whispering with just a hint of game sounds in this Heroes of the Storm ASMR video. It features gameplay using Greymane and Gul’dan. He has a smaller  channel with a great variety of different gaming ASMR videos.  There are also other Heroes of the Storm ASMR videos that feature different heroes.

The Sleepy Hearth

The Sleepy Hearth has just one Heroes of the Storm ASMR video, and it is lovely! He has a wonderful soft-spoken voice.  If you’re a Blizzard fanboy/girl, you should check the channel out because he has several ASMR videos of games like Overwatch, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft.

Shayna James

This is the only video included on this list that does not come from an actual ASMR channel.  Shayna has a vlog channel with this one, singular video that just happens to be a Heroes of the Storm ASMR vid.  The combination of mouse clicking and her soft-spoken voice narrating the gameplay definitely triggered some tingles for me.


I featured Eman ASMR when I made my list of awesome World of Warcraft ASMR videos, but since there just aren’t that many Heroes of the Storm ASMR videos out there, I decided to add Eman’s video to this list as well.  He has such a tingly whisper voice and an excellent collection of gaming asmr videos.


I hope these videos help to satiate your craving for Heroes of the Storm ASMR.  As I mentioned before, there aren’t a lot of videos out there for it, yet.  I plan to contribute some videos of my own to the small, but hopefully growing, selection that exists on Youtube.  Below is my very first Heroes of the Storm ASMR video.  Enjoy! ^_^

And, here is my most recent Heroes of the Storm ASMR:

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