World of Warcraft Transmogs | September 2017 Edition

I am the type of World of Warcraft player that will feel slightly ashamed if my character’s gear doesn’t look awesome. Needless to say, I frequently play around with transmogrification (transmog or xmog for short).  I recently made an ASMR video of my current transmogs here.

As a companion to this transmog video, or for those that aren’t interested in the ASMR aspect, I am creating this post to provide additional screenshots of my favorite sets.  Click on each image to see a bigger, up-close version.

Paladin Transmog

This is sort of a primal set which is why I included a couple of screenshots from Highmountain. It seems to blend in well there.

Head: Plumed Medicine Helm

Shoulder: Uncrushable Shoulderplates

Chest: Stonecrag Breastplate

Hands: Gauntlets of Fractured Eons

Waist: Ironcrusher’s Collar

Legs: Stonecrag Legplates

Feet: Stonecrag Sabatons

1-Hand Weapon: Constellus

Off-Hand: Eye of the Ancient Spirit

2-Hand Weapon: Earthshaper (The 2-hander isn’t shown in the screenshots, but it is shown on the video.  It is used for Holy set.)

Warrior Transmog

I particularly like the contrast of green orc skin against the purple of the transmog.

Head: Thunderpeak Greathelm

Shoulder: Dread Commander’s Pauldrons

Chest: Da Basher’s Toy Armor

Hands: Xander’s Gauntlets

Waist: Thunderpeak Greatbelt

Legs: Pufferfish Demolition Greaves

Boots: Plate Hiking Boots

Weapon & Shield: 4th Scale of the Earth Warder Artifact Appearance (Protection Warriors Only)

Rogue Transmog

I took these screenshots in the Twilight Highlands.  It seemed like it would be a good backdrop for this set.

Head: Tranquil Bough Hood

Shoulder: Steelgazer Hide Mantle

Chest: Tranquil Bough Vest

Hands: Shadow Stalker Gloves

Waist: Shadow Stalker Belt

Legs: Tranquil Bough Pants

Feet: Brinewashed Leather Boots

1-Hand Weapon: Terror Flame Dagger

Monk Transmog

I think the boots could use some improvement, but unfortunately, I don’t have anything that matches better.  It will have to do for now 😛  Most of these pieces are from Throne of Thunder (Heroic).

Head: Fire Charm Helm

Shoulders: Fire Charm Shoulderguards

Chest: Fire Charm Vest

Hands: Fire Charm Handwraps

Waist: Hidden

Legs: Fire Charm Legwraps

Feet: Tukka-Tuk’s Hairy Boots

2-Hand Weapon: Drakebinder Greatstaff


Let me know if you have any questions about specific pieces.   All of the gear pieces for each transmog are listed (with drop locations) in the description of my video if needed.  The video description provides a little more information about the location of some of the gear pieces. Happy mogging!

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